Professional tree service for Lawrence, KS and the Greater Kansas City area
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Forest Keepers is a family owned, professional tree service offering a full range of tree care options to the greater Kansas City & eastern Kansas area. Qualified to perform a comprehensive range of tree care options designed to foster the health and maintenance of your trees and shrubs, we strive to do safe, quality tree work at a fair price. Here at Forest Keepers, our most important clients are people like you; property owners who want to make the best and most well informed decisions about their trees. We are licensed and insured with strict safety regulations to protect us and your home.

We offer seasonal care as well as professional trimming. We want to help you keep your trees looking healthier longer and be beautiful in your yard. Whether you need someone to cut down a dying tree, or remove a stump; our team will help you out. Let us help you keep all of your trees healthy and looking their best year round. Our combined knowledge, training, well maintained equipment, and years of experience add up to a professional service that provides you with high quality and dependable tree care year round. Tree removal is often a very strategic process. It requires professional evaluation beforehand, and a highly trained team to determine the best course to protect and shape the tree. We see protecting you and your property as our first priority. The health and beauty of the tree is the next consideration, and removal of a tree is seen as a last resort.