Tree Trimming & Pruning
Tree Trimming & Pruning
For shape, beauty , and the health of your trees
Tree Removals
Unhealthy, Dangerous or Undesirable Trees
Stump grinding & root removal
Stump Grinding & Root Removal
Remove inconvenient tree stumps and ease lawn maintenance




We offer our services on your
schedule, because you never
know when disasters will strike.
Storm damage, wind, ice, or decay
can cause trees to fall unexpectedly.
We can help on short notice!

tree removal
TREE Removal

If a tree becomes unsafe or undesirable in your yard, our skilled, experienced arbor care professionals will safely and efficiently remove it. Dead or dying trees can often become a breeding ground for harmful insects and diseases, so it is advisable to remove any such trees from your landscape or before home & property damage occurs.

Tree climbing to prune & trim for shape & beauty
Tree Pruning & trimming

Thinning out the branches of your large shade trees will also allow air to pass through more easily, thus reducing the sail effect during high winds. Periodic tree pruning makes trees safer, healthier, and better shaped & more attractive.

Tree care specialties

Tree Trimming & Pruning

The day’s end satisfaction of looking at a well pruned shade tree or a gracefully shaped ornamental tree is unquestionably one of the more rewarding parts of our job. A well maintained tree has a more open canopy and a more sound structure. Thinning out the

Tree Removal

If a tree becomes unsafe or undesirable in your yard, our experienced team will safely and efficiently remove it. Dead or dying trees can often become a breeding ground for harmful insects and diseases, so it is advisable to remove any such trees from your landscape.Forest

Stump Grinding

Are you wondering what to do with a tree stump in your yard? Whether you have an old tree stump or you want to remove a stump of a recently cut tree we can help you. Stump grinding helps to get rid of the majority of

Tree trimming, pruning, removal, stump grinding

Local tree care services

Check the whole list of tree-related services we offer:

  • Pruning & Trimming
  • Tree Removals
  • Stump Grinding
  • Land Clearing
  • Brush & Debris Hauling
  • Tree Planting
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Why Choose forest keepers?

We Offer

Simply the best tree service in Lawrence, Topeka, and the greater Kansas City metro area. We provide complete tree care services for every situation — tree planting, fertilization, insect control, pruning & shaping, trimming, or complete tree removal and stump grinding. We emphasize care & safety so you have no worries about your home or property!

Call us at 785-430-4343 and our estimator will answer any of your questions and set up a time to look at your trees!

We Provide

We are highly skilled arbor care professionals with decades of shared experience! Climbing, rigging, and controlled removals are a specialty. We have professional, industrial-grade equipment to cope with even the toughest demands. Yet we also have a delicate touch for fine pruning work for your ornamental trees and shrubs. Safety is always a high priority and we take careful measures to ensure your home and property isn't damaged. Our crew is family friendly (being family men ourselves), so you don't have to worry about the atmosphere around your children or pets while we work at your property.

We are a local, family-owned business, not some large, uncaring national franchise. We value the personal touch in all our work!

We Guarantee

The highest quality work and efficient speeds, while still providing careful cleanup, leaving your property better than we found it. We always stand behind the work we do and value your satisfaction above all else. We strive to earn your trust and repeat business. We don't leave the job unfinished or incomplete in any way. We want you to be 100% satisfied — Guaranteed!

You've heard it from your neighbors and seen our online five star reviews. Find out what Forest Keepers can do for you!

Tree care services

If you have a tree care need, simply call us.
We also offer 24 hour emergency service.

Call: (785) 430-4343

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Ben H. Review

These guys were amazing! We had a HUGE tree in a very inconvenient spot. They came in with the low bid, and 4 or 5 guys took that thing out and cleaned up the mess in a single day. Watching them, it was clear that they are highly skilled.  And their price was 1/3 of…

Ben H. review
Corey Roelofs

Professional, safe, affordable, and super kind. Far and away the best tree care company I’ve ever worked with! Forest Keepers were super quick to come out, schedule, and complete the job. I called in the evening, my wife was able to meet them the next morning, and our job was done 24 hours later! We…

Corey Roelofs review
Cindi Hickey

Parats Wolfe and his crew pruned and shaped our maple trees today. The trees look beautiful and I can hardly wait to see their fall colors. The crew worked efficiently and did a masterful job cleaning up. The charge for their work was very favorable. I highly recommend Forest Keepers.

Cindi Hickey review
Melissa Hill

Thank you thank you! We had a huge part of our tree fall on our neighbors house. Thankfully, the way it fell there was no significant damage and no one was hurt. However it was defying gravity and I was so scared something bad would happen. Forest Keepers were here within 24 hours. They removed…

Melissa Hill review

Are your trees diseased or

infested with insects?

remove dangerous or threatening trees from your property.